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STATEWIDE–It is harder than normal for some families to put food on the table because of the coronavirus pandemic, which is why the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) has created “Operation Food.”

The Indiana FSSA has put a food availability map on their website ( When you enter your address, the website shows in real-time where you can go to find food near you.

The red schoolhouses on the map indicate the summer meals available at schools for students to pick up. The blue shopping carts are for places around the state that have packed meals ready to take home.

FSSA secretary Dr. Jennifer Sullivan says their partnership with the Indiana National Guard allows food banks to keep distributing food to pantries.

“Despite that, we have more work to do. We’ll continue to partner across the public and private sector to supply food to critical populations across Indiana,” says Sullivan.

Updates are made to the website daily at 10 am.