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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is exercising her First Amendment right to make an ass of herself again.

In a recent edition of AOC’s “Drivels of a Dimwit” social media ramblings, the New York nincompoop with a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives told followers the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the United States as a “brutal, barbarian society” for the “vast majority of working-class Americans.”

“How Did it Happen? Tell Me Everything!”

AOC was discussin-

“Nevermind! Just Show Me The Quote and The Video!”


“Healthcare is a human right. You shouldn’t get better healthcare because you have a higher position in work. Everyone should be able to have dignified access to healthcare.”

“This is supposed to be the richest society in the world,” she said. “And I think what this crisis is showing us is that this is only a rich society for a very small amount of people. And it is a brutal, barbarian society for the vast majority of working-class Americans.”

“What Else Has This Dimwit Called ‘Barbaric’ and a ‘Human Right?'”

Housing in the United States!

“That’s Stupid! I Don’t Believe You!”

“Okay, So I Believe You. What Else Does She Consider Barbaric?”

Bland, flavorless, low-quality coffee. No one should be forced to drink Folgers. Starbucks Coffee is a human right.



“Yeah, That’s Not Funny. Seriously, What Else Does Ocasio-Cortez Consider a ‘Right?'”

Basically everything except most of the rights guaranteed to you by the U.S. Constitution because those rights are racist.

“I Heard AOC is Running for President in 2024. Is That True?”


“Oh My God. I Kind of Hope I Catch Coronavirus Now.”

No, you don’t.

“Okay, I Don’t Want Coronavirus, But I Am Planning to Stop Wearing My Seatbelt.”

Relax, don’t do that. Ocasio-Cortez is NEVER going to be President of the United States.

“That’s What They Said About Trump!”

Oh my God. I kind of hope I catch Coronavirus now.

“Let’s Listen to Tony Katz. Maybe He’ll Make Us Feel Better.”


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