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Photo Credit- Washington Post/Getty Images

Tony Katz is in studio with Hammer and Nigel. Topic of conversation starts out with President Trump and the Philadelphia Eagles. Usually, after a team wins a sports championship they are invited to the White House by the President.

Back in February, the Eagles won the Super Bowl and were scheduled to head to the White House for a visit with President Trump. Things didn’t go according to plan, as a large majority of the Eagles opted to decline the invitation because they didn’t like the President.

In response, President Trump cancelled the event and uninvited the players. Hammer and Nigel discuss with Tony if this was the right move.

“I feel sorry for those guys. I would’ve gone to the White House if Obama invited me and I disagreed with 99{cfb84e016942dcf263d6b9a2a965f97a80c7fce71c1cd317fd9df76d1fc43e08} of the decisions he made while he was in office. I would’ve taken the tour, eaten the food. Think it would have been a cool experience.”