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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — It may be the only convention held this year in central Indiana that is “clothing optional.”

The American Association for Nude Recreation is holding its Midwest Convention at the Fern Hills Club (7330 South Rockport Road) in Bloomington from July 15-22.

“You must have a towel to sit on or lay on in the sun.  That’s the only rule you need,” says Jeffrey Baldasarre, the organization’s Director of Communications.

Baldasarre says he became a nudist because he does not like how much people judge each other based off of what they wear and how distracting a person’s clothing can be.  

“You’re actually looking in their eye and listening to what they’re saying.  I never experienced that before [becoming a nudist].  Especially growing up in New York City where what you wear is what you are,” says Baldasarre.

During the convention, those who attend can play a number of games and sports in the nude, such as tennis and volleyball.  Baldasarre says playing sports in the nude doesn’t necessarily leave you more vulnerable to injuries.

“Nothing protects you from a tennis ball hitting you in your ‘wherether regions’, no matter if you put on three jock straps, it’s not going to help,” says Baldasarre.

In addition, the organization is planning its first ever “International Skinny Dip Day” on Saturday, July 14 encouraging “free spirited” people to celebrate” the natural joy of plunging into water without the hindrance of clothing.”

For more information about the American Association for Nude Recreation, call 1-800-TRY NUDE or


Photo by grinvalds/iStock/Getty