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Photo Credit: WIBC. Allison Lemons. 

Beekeeping is a topic that comes up often during the Home and Garden Show. Since we aren’t total experts ourselves we went looking in Denny’s backyard for one. Sure enough, his next door neighbor Tracy Pielemeier, is a seasoned bee farmer and the President of the North Central Beekeeper’s Club (how lucky!)


Tracy shows us a little bit about smoking the hive, tools she uses, and a close-up of some of her beloved bees. Watch Denny discover a little bit more about beekeeping hands-on and hopefully you’ll learn a little bit of Bee Farming 101 yourself!




Resources to learn more! 

For more information on beekeeping:


To join an Indiana’s State and Local Beekeeping Association nearest to you, check out this list


Follow Tracy and the North Central Beekeeper’s Club on Facebook


A note from Denny: At a young age Denny unfortunatley learned the hard way he had an allergy to bees. In case you ever run into that situation and need to take action, Denny gives you a quick demonstation on how to properly use an EpiPen. 




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