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Snapchat has issued a formal apology after New York was apparently renamed “Jewtropolis” within their Snap Map feature, saying online vandals were to blame for the error.

Snapchat stock plunged in the wake of the discovery.

Snap Map is designed to allow users to discover content within specific regions across the world, such as Snaps of sporting events, celebrations and breaking news.

It uses software provided by Mapbox, a separate company that provides custom maps for applications including Foursquare and Lonely Planet. According to Snapchat, this software was the victim of vandalism.

WIBC host Tony Katz commented on the embarrassing mistake during his afternoon show Friday:

“Until I just said it and shocked you with it, how many of you had heard about this story in the media? No one! If you were to do a search online, you won’t find this story anywhere. It doesn’t exist anywhere. You know why? No one thought it was a big deal. No one thought it was a big deal that we would see New York referred to in this way.

Now, maybe that’s because we’re used to this kind of thing. In 1984, Jessie Jackson referred to New York as “Hymie” vile. Nothing happened to Jessie Jackson.

If this story were because New York was named ‘N’ word town, there would be riots in the streets.”

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