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(Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

Senator Mazie Hirono’s hatred for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh is so intense, she’s willing to convict him on purely uncorroborated accusations; that much is clear. Now, however, the Senator has gone to the point of flat out lying. 

During an appearance on MSNBC, Hirono told host Hallie Jackson, “They are totally denying the credibility of these women, but this is what they do, this is what they’re going to do. And I think the women of this country and all the enlighten men that are referred to are watching, they’re seeing how we’re handling this and they know this is totally put up and set up job to rail road this nominee through without even all of the documents that we normally have at our disposal to review with regards to this nominee as well as a basic, basic background check.”

WIBC host Tony Katz responded to Hirono’s comments in today’s Popcorn Moment:

“I am calling Mazie Hirono a liar … This is untrue. And what the hell are the ‘enlightened men?’ Is this a new category of people? Well, there’s people, and then there are the enlightened people who I have determined are worthy and honest and good.

…Look at the lengths she will go to prevent this man from being confirmed. And you wonder why people think this is a set-up job?”

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