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INDIANAPOLIS — Christopher Lang loves his dog Kane. 

The 8-month-old pup was in the backyard when suddenly it was attacked by two dogs. A man had one of the dogs on a leash; the other wasn’t on a leash. According to Indianapolis ordinance, dogs are supposed to have a leash or be no more than 3 feet from the owner.

Lang ran outside after hearing the fight. The other man pulled his dogs away and left, Lang said. After the the attack, Lang called Animal Care and Control and 911. Animal care officers said they would review the investigation. 

But a couple days later, Lang spotted the same man with the dogs: one on a leash and one not. Seeing that sight frustrated Lang, who is now asking for changes.  

“I don’t want any of the neighbors to be hurt because this man has no control over his dogs. He said sometimes they get a little aggressive,” said Lang. 

The man and dogs have not been identified. 

(Photo:  Arterra/UIG via Getty Images)

(Wish-TV: Julian Grace)