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(Riverside Police Department)

Normally you call in a police artist to draw a sketch of a suspect AFTER a crime, but there are exceptions. For example, a man in Riverside, California this week approached a caricature artist and requested a drawing of himself. Once the portrait was complete, the suspect robbed the artist and fled the scene with over $500 of the victim’s money.

It wasn’t ALL bad news for the artist, however. While the suspect made off with the money, he apparently felt guilty about stealing a portrait he hadn’t paid for, so he left it behind.

The portrait shows a black suspect with obviously emphasized features, sporting a thin mustache, giant lips, and wearing an earring. The man is wearing a backward ballcap, with tufts of hair pushing out from under the brim.

In a social media post, the Riverside Police Department described the suspect as a 5’1” black male with an average build in his early 20s.

“This caricature is of the suspect, but of course, has exaggerated characteristics and features,” the police department said.


Riverside Police Sketch of Suspect who Robbed Caricature Artist.

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