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Wisconsin voters, rejoice! You could very soon be legally taking selfies with your marked election ballots under a bill that the state Senate approved Tuesday.

The Senate approved the bill on a voice vote. It goes next to the state Assembly.

Editor’s Note: Wisconsin is one of 18 states with a law barring the showing of a completed ballot, which begs the question of why this law implemented in the first place? Keep reading.

The measure’s supporters say a ban on selfies is unfair and voters should be entitled to post pictures of themselves with their marked ballots on social media platforms. These are the same people who will file lawsuits when potential employers decline to hire them after reviewing their social media profiles and discovering the job candidate frequently calls Trump supporters “Nazi-loving, women-hating, Islamophobic, bigots.”

As they do.

County election clerks warned last year that changing the law could open the door to undoing the secrecy of the ballot.

Clerks warned lawmakers that making it commonplace to show a marked ballot could lead to employers, unions or others forcing people to prove they voted a certain way to receive a benefit or avoid being punished. They also voiced concern about how people legally taking photos in a polling location could infringe on the confidentiality rights of other voters.

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