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A sewer project on Pennsylvania St. has drivers bobbing and weaving between work zones.

Downtown Indianapolis has old infrastructure, like sewers that have been around since they hanged Billy the Kid. If these sewers could talk, I’m sure they’d have incredible stories to tell about how our stuff has dramatically changed over the last century plus. Wouldn’t that be fascinating? Decades of knowledge from old man sewer, spinning a yarn of yesterlore.

Where are you science? 

When infrastructure gets old, it needs to be reinforced, or you could get a big fat sinkhole in the middle of your neighborhood. Remember Independence Day 2018?


(Photo Credit: WISH TV)
Yeah, we don’t want that again, so Citizens Energy is toughening up a sewer line north and east of Monument Circle. Unfortunately there are some serious lane restrictions in place while they work, and they’re on Pennsylvania St. – the very important southbound one-way into downtown.

Until Tuesday night (hopefully), multiple lanes of Penn will be closed from New York St. to Washington St. while crews work the sewer. Take a look:

Lane Restrictions

At the moment, drivers have to lineup in the far right lane and maneuver past the first work zone, then shift to the center and far left lanes to make it past the second work zone. For safety sake, it’ll be slow going through. For traffic, you can expect a backup, especially during rush hour.

Again, work is expected to be done by this Tuesday night (1/28).

UPDATE: The first construction “zone” – the one that pushes traffic into the right lane – is no longer there, which is a dramatic improvement. The right lane is still blocked after Ohio St., however.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The first construction “zone” after New York St. is back. It splits the road in the center lane, pushing drivers to the left and right lanes of Pennsylvania St. The second construction “zone” is still in the same place – near Ohio St. and pushing drivers to the center and left lanes.


Sinkhole 2

This is something short of amazing, considering Illinois St. was supposed to be closed until August of this year. Instead, Illinois between McCarty St. and South St. has reopened well ahead of schedule, much to the joy of the mail workers who are based out of the postal center on Illinois. 

The street was originally closed for construction work on the Lower Pogue’s Run Tunnel – a Digindy project courtesy of Citizens Energy. 

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