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INDIANAPOLIS–Key components from a bill that would give more rights to pregnant workers were taken out. Those who supported that bill now fear that the major changes mean the bill’s future is in doubt and pregnant workers will suffer as a result. 

When it was originally written, the bill would have required more Indiana businesses to allow pregnant women to take longer breaks, do less physical work, and take unpaid time off after childbirth. 

Republican Senator Andy Zay stripped all of that language from the bill and replaced it with a call to have a committee study it.  Democrat Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane said Tuesday that Republicans have essentially killed the bill. 

“I was thinking where are your voices? Why aren’t you fighting for this bill that your governor wants? And the people of the state of Indiana. Instead, we heard these people arguing against the bill that it was too complicated, too many unknowns,” Lanane said. 

Zay defended his decision to strip the bill and send it to a committee.

I don’t take this lightly in any way, but I simply think it needs more time,” Zay said.  

Democrat Senator Jean Breaux says that with the changes to the bill, the Senate is waging war on pregnant women.

“I, for one, feel very badly that that is a focus and direction that this legislative body is moving,” Breaux said. 

Republicans insist the bill is still alive. Governor Holcomb endorsed this plan in his State of the State address. 

The bill passed out of the Senate Tuesday and is going to the House to be considered. 

(PHOTO: rbma/Thinkstock)