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Senator Mike Braun (R – Indiana) joined Tony Katz and the Morning news to discuss the Trump guilty verdicts. Braun believes that this will have the opposite effect of what Democrats are hoping for.


All this business of how we go one Direction or another is based upon the people in the middle. It will be your independents who lean from liberal, moderate to conservative, and here I think moderate to conservative independents are going to view this as a system gone wild… It was orchestrated politically… and now it’s culminated in this… I think it galvanizes the center, moderate to conservative independents that say this is weaponizing the system and it’s a result from a political underpinning only. And that’s a bridge too far.

Tony wondered what the Republicans’ response would be. Will we be seeing a Biden impeachment?


I think it falls on the same deaf ears in the Senate. It (impeachment) gets tabled. So, I think this is in that same category especially. When it’s done so reflexively and so easily by the other side of the aisle in terms of how they’ve used it or how they’ve maybe disputed outcomes of elections. And of course, that’s the ultimate hypocrisy. I said all along, Tony, Democrats at the national level are faster footed than we are. They generally use the system better in ways that to me should be the real issue. And I think that’s what you’re getting at. And again, I don’t think we’re going to litigate that in any fashion. Whether it comes from the House, it falls, goes nowhere in the Senate. We’ll do it in November, and I think all of us kind of have known that that’s the great divide in this country. And to me, I think it boils down too with Trump, where his style, maybe the way he does things, turns off a lot of people. Is that a bigger deal when you had real results? Pre COVID that would think we were going in a different direction already have a system that’s run by the career politicians, Democrats. It’s kind of I always call it their growth business and their cathedral wrapped into one that they know how to work better than we do. I hope that’s the general kind of dynamic that Americans are thinking about and that. Will be among three to 5% of independents that are moderate to conservative that will make that decision (in November).

Tony wondered if ANY Democrats in the Senate have shared with Braun that this is an abuse of the justice system.


No, 100% on something purely political. They hang together. We get maybe 75% or 80% of Republicans on that same kind of issue… But no, they congeal, we fracture, and that’s one of the problems we have on carrying any of this to a logical conclusion. So no, on a pure political thing, they hang together, and we generally do not.

Before Tony let the Senator go, he asked if the verdict changed the calculus of Trump remaining the Republican nominee for President.


To Republicans, there’s never been a floor more solid under a candidate than Trump. His issue is always when I said earlier how do you get to the three to 5% that need to come your way to actually win the popular vote, make the electoral count easier. But no, I see, you know, he is obviously determined. He still represents Tony half the country teed off with business as usual in DC and that actually worked in ’16 despite all the difficulty of taking on the status quo. And this would be a moot point had COVID not come along. He would have won with ease in a RE elect. Who knows. What might have happened? I think at that point the Dems would have given up and tried another round down the road. That is my assessment. I’ve been there 5 1/2 years and I think it’s pretty close to being on the money.

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