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Social media is rewiring Gen Z’s money brains. If everything you see is “Oh, look at this Lamborghini I bought, oh look at this house I bought, look at this, look at that”, and you know you can’t afford eggs, what’s going on?

Tommy Chanthavong, a 27-year-old in Houston who manages social-media accounts for small, local businesses, also moved back home. He says it’s hard to parse the information shown on TikTok: One minute he sees videos saying the U.S. is on the brink of a recession and the next he sees that inflation is easing. ~ Wall Street Journal

Tony Katz read the above quote and sat for about 5 minutes in silence:


You’re 27 and you moved back home, and you’re questioning what’s real? How? How are you questioning what’s real at that moment? … The idea for most of us about moving back home at 27? Oh… we’d rather do experiments for science than move back home. If that’s how we have to do to get paid, sure. You want my liver? Take my liver, I am not moving back with my dad, not happening! But you moved back home because of costs, and you’re questioning whether the economy is good or bad? There’s no way that those two things can exist.

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