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Dozens of people are arrested by the Indiana State Police...

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The ACLU of Indiana is suing Indiana University over the pro-Palestine protests.

In a statement Friday, the ACLU says IU has violated the rights of people who chose to participate in the pro-Palestine protests, and that the one-year ban from campus is a violation of First Amendment rights.

“Since 1969, Dunn Meadow has been a public forum, a place for people to engage in First Amendment expression,” the ACLU explains, “IU cannot preemptively ban people from engaging in this protected expression by prohibiting them from entering Dunn Meadow for a year or more.”

IU changed its encampment policy less than a day before the pro-Palestine protests began over a week ago. Hundreds of students, staff, and other community members are still gathered at Dunn Meadow. A few dozen people have been arrested, and Indiana State Police have kept a presence at some points, including sniper-capable officers on top of one of the buildings.

Protesters want Indiana University, like many other colleges across the nation, to cut ties with Israeli-backed companies.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter claims to have heard deaths threats towards Jewish people from the IU protesters, but several protest leaders have disputed that claim.

“The right to protest is a central pillar of the First Amendment – a value that has shaped this country since its founding, and one that we will always defend,” said the ACLU.

The protesters have also called for the resignation of IU President Pam Whitten.