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Columbia Law students want exams canceled with passing grades amid campus chaos.

Tony Katz:

You’re the biggest bunch of cowards and pathetic children I’ve ever seen. Anybody who hires a Columbia Law graduate is going to get a failed worthless lawyer who doesn’t know how to fight. You’re “shook”. Don’t care, go take the tests… You are wimps, you are cowards, and you are losers… Man up and take the test, woman up and take the test. You deserve all the derision you get.

Life comes fast as Ferris Bueller taught us. You’ve got to deal with it. Is the judge supposed to give you a delay because you’ve been “shook”. Does justice wait because someone gave you the “sads”?

These Ivy League students think they’re special. They are not. Can the father providing for his family out here in the Midwest tell his boss he’s not coming in for the next couple of weeks and expects to be paid because he has a cold, or because he’s “shook”? If Columbia gives into these students, no one should ever hire a Columbia graduate because they are weak and will not fight for you.

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