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The Left Decides to Bring Back Segregation… Again. For all the Left’s talk about love, inclusivity, and tolerance, they sure love to divide and segregate. (see above post from PJ Media).

And with graduations fast approaching, don’t be surprised to see posts like this again:

Tony Katz:

Segregation is not affirming. It isn’t a “safe space”. It’s a manipulation of people’s souls… It’s a way to divide. The work that it took to end segregation. People endured fire hoses, and now you can’t endure to be in line as the same ilk as you? They endured fire hoses for the love of God!

Protesters Being Hosed by Fireman

Source: Bettmann / Getty

Historically, this is not new for the left. Democrats in the South pushed for cessation from the Union that lead to the Civil War. Democrat policy in the South led to fire hoses being used against civilians fighting for their Civil Rights. Despite the hard-fought battles for Civil Rights being won, the Left once again believes that segregation is a good idea as it creates a “safe space” and is affirming to those who have been “disenfranchised.” Neither is true, it only divides.

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