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Paddy Wagon Red Light

Source: SCM Jeans / Getty

INDIANAPOLIS — An arrest was made in a unique road rage incident in Indianapolis.

Police got a 911 call on Friday from a woman saying that another driver flashed a gun at her. She said the other driver turned in front of her along 46th Street and she shouted at them.

The woman drove around the other driver who she said then flashed the gun.

That other driver, Sheila Pride, is then said to have followed the woman around the west side. When she stopped at an intersection along Moller Road she said Pride sideswiped her car. To cap it all off Pride then threw a container of spaghetti onto her windshield.

The cops came and Pride claimed that the woman hit her, but the police were not buying it. They arrested Pride and prosecutors have charged her with intimidation and pointing a firearm.