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Police lights

Source: (PHOTO: Thinkstock/barbol88)

DEKALB COUNTY, Ind.– A seven-year-old girl was run over by a lawn mower Saturday evening in DeKalb County.

The Ashley-Hudson Indiana Police Department said on Facebook it responded to a home on West Garfield Street around 6 p.m. after hearing reports of a girl whose leg was cut in half.

When officers arrived, they say they found the girl surrounded by family and bystanders. An initial investigation shows that the girl had run behind the lawn mower. The operator, not aware of her presence, backed up and ran her over.

The girl’s uncle was able to slow the blood loss with a makeshift tourniquet before an actual tourniquet was applied by responding officers.

Investigators say her leg was amputated near her ankle after she was flown to a Fort Wayne hospital where she has undergone several surgeries.