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STATEWIDE — Indiana’s unemployment rate tells a story about jobs in the Hoosier State, for both good and bad.

“Filling jobs continues to be a big issue,” says Gerry Dick with Inside Indiana Business. Indiana’s unemployment rate for March came in at 3.5-percent, but Dick tells WIBC’s Tony Katz that rate doesn’t show much improvement.

Dick says Indiana employers are still struggling to fill jobs, and part of the reason why is employers are looking for specific, qualified people. However, elected representatives and other government officials are trying to remedy the situation, “you’ve got a number of initiatives going on at the state level in terms of career pathways and a number of things that are going to take time to play out. It’s not going to be solved overnight.”

Indiana is not alone with these issues, says Dick. He says several other states are struggling to balance the number of available jobs, the available workforce, and getting those jobs filled.

Indiana currently has around 106,000 jobs open.

One thing Indiana is attempting to do is attract jobs that don’t have a barrier to entry. For example, there are thousands of jobs coming to the Hoosier State over the next few years with each semi-conductor plant. Those jobs don’t require a four-year degree, says Dick.

“They do require credentialing and certifications and education beyond high to be sure,” Dick continues, “those are the kinds of jobs that Indiana is really trying to fill.”