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Solar Eclipse

Source: X / @NWS

INDIANAPOLIS –According to the National Weather Service, there will be high cloud cover during the total solar eclipse, which is favorable for viewing. The eclipse will start around 1:45 PM in the city.

“As we go from that time up until the point of totality, which will take place a little after three o’clock, you will start to notice a gradual dimming,” says forecaster Mike Ryan. “So we will see the winds drop off around the time of totality, and temperatures drop a bit.”

Ryan expects temperatures to rise back to the 70s after totality, with the area returning to total sunshine around 4:20 – 4:30. He notes that low clouds over Indianapolis late last night have set up prime viewing conditions for today’s eclipse. High cloud cover during a solar eclipse softens and diffuses sunlight, aiding observation without harsh glare and adding visual interest to the sky.

“There will be sunshine throughout the day,” he says. “We will have periods where some of these higher level clouds are moving across the area, especially in the afternoon as we get into the eclipse time.”

According to Ryan, if you’re in Central Indiana, you’ll be in the path of totality for the eclipse. The last total solar eclipse occurred seven years ago, but Indiana wasn’t on its path then.

Once again, the viewing conditions look good, which is quite impressive considering some of the conditions we’ve faced in the past 24 hours, and the rain and low cloud cover from last night have cleared.

“We are lucky in that sense that we are really threading the needle with these clouds, and it looks like things are going to work out,” he added.