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Officer Breann Leath and her child pose in front of a patrol car

Source: PHOTO: Provided by IMPD

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis FOP President Rick Snyder was not happy about the setence handed down to Elliahs Dorsey Thursday.

Dorsey was found guilty but mentally ill in February for shooting and killing IMPD officer Breann Leath in April of 2020. Judge Mark Stoner announced Thursday a sentence of 40 total years with 25 of those spent behind bars followed by 15 years of probation where Dorsey is required to have mental health treatment.

“This is a travesty of Justice,” said Snyder during a press conference Friday. “It dilutes the sanctity of life, the life of officer Leath, the life of a domestic violence victim, and the lives of other officers involved.

Snyder also claimed that Judge Mark Stoner has a history of giving lighter sentences to criminals who have committed similar crimes. He believes Dorsey should have been given the maximum sentence of 63 years.

Judge Stoner said Thursday that Dorsey’s mental health was a significant contributing factor to Dorsey’s sentencing.