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crime scene with police tape

Source: (Photo: aijohn784/Thinkstock)

CONNERSVILLE, IND — Police shot a man during a domestic disturbance in Fayette County late Wednesday night.


Officers, including Connersville police and deputies from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, responded to a home on Gabbard Road in Connersville around 10 p.m. They found that a woman had left the residence, leaving 42-year-old Brandon Boughner inside.


Attempts to persuade Boughner to surrender by phone were unsuccessful, and he remained inside. The SWAT team was then activated. He refused to engage further despite efforts to communicate with Boughner via loudspeaker.


Boughner later approached the front door armed with a rifle, disregarding orders to drop the weapon. After he pointed the gun in a threatening manner, a SWAT team member deployed a gas launcher into the residence.


Boughner then fired at the police, prompting an exchange of gunfire. Although Boughner briefly disappeared from view, he returned to the front door with the rifle, leading to another round of police fire that struck him at least once before he retreated inside the home.