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It’s the final (four) countdown! Our Meltdown Madness is down to the final four and the competition among fan favorites is in full force.

The first game of the final four had a head-to-head coach matchup.

#6 SEED: Mike Gundy 

The Oklahoma State Head Football was NOT HAPPY with a reporter ripping one of his players in the newspaper. You may remember the line “I’m a man… I’m 40!” 


#10 SEED: Tommy Lasorda

The coach responds to allegations that he ordered his Dodgers pitcher to intentionally throw at Padres player Kurt Bevacqua. Things escalated quickly.

This was a nail bitter, a real back and forth in our X poll. However, the underdog that is Lasorda grabbed the first spot in the finals with 57% of the votes.

So who will Lasorda face? 

Today you decide between a beloved Hoosier treasure’s infamous locker room rant and an irritable broadcaster.

#5 SEED Casey Kasem. 

Kasem was getting increasingly more upset that his producer wants him to do a dedication about a dead dog after an up-tempo song.


Our #1 SEED: Bob Knight

Coach Bob Knight was known for his temper. This leaked audio from the 1990/91 college basketball season has since gone viral. If you’re a basketball fan or just a resident of Indiana, you know exactly what ‘motivational’ speech we are referencing.

Voting is open now until 3/27 around 1pm! Tune in Wednesday to hear the finals kick-off in style, you don’t want to miss it! Around 4:35pm here on WIBC.