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11:11 Bar and Grill

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INDIANAPOLIS — The bar where a mass shooting happened between a man and two off-duty IMPD officers has been under some scrutiny of late from county leaders.

11:11 Bar and Grill is where six people ended up shot late Saturday night. One of those people was killed. Audio of the shooting was caught on a security camera from a business right next door to the bar.

IMPD has been using that and other evidence to piece together what happened that night.

Dominique Lamonte Durham Sr. is the man who was killed. So far, investigators are saying that Durham was the one who opened fire first in the parking lot outside the bar. His gunshots wounded four people, three men and a woman.

The off-duty IMPD officers, who were working security for the bar that night, returned fire. One of the officers who shot back was wounded. Durham was fatally wounded. He was taken to a nearby hospital in someone else’s car and he later died.

“We are sorry to say someone lost their life here tonight,” said IMPD Chief Chris Bailey the night of the shooting. “I’m also very happy that our officer didn’t sustain any significant injuries.”

There is some question as to whether 11:11 Bar and Grill should have been open in the first place. The owners of the bar had just acquired the property from the previous tenant, which was Fusion Ultra Lounge.

The owners have been in the process of late to transfer the previous tenant’s liquor license over to them, but when they went before the Marion County Alcohol and Beverage Board recently, their application to transfer was denied.

11:11’s owners appealed that decision and since that appeal is still being looked at the bar has been allowed to be open under Fusion’s liquor license.

In the meantime, IMPD has made a new policy that says that if 11:11 is allowed to reopen once their investigation of the shooting is over, IMPD officers will not be allowed to work security there while off-duty.

Typically, IMPD allows officers to work off-duty security jobs in hopes of using them to build community relationships.

“Our commanders and community relations officers do an excellent job of reaching out to business owners to provide them with suggestions, and ideas,” said IMPD Lt. Shane Foley. “Building relationships.”

Police are still gathering evidence to get a better perspective on the shooting. They say multiple officers wore body cameras as well. For now, 11:11 is closed, despite the “Open” sign still flashing in the window.