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Delphi Judge Fran Gull

Source: Allen County Court / Screenshot of Allen County court hearing

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. — The attorneys for Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen have once again filed for a speedy trial.

In a motion filed Wednesday, attorneys Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi have requested the case finally move to trial within 70 calendar days of the date the motion was filed. That would put the trial start date on May 15th instead of October 15th. Special Judge Fran Gull can take the motion under advisement. Previous speedy trial motions have been denied, along with motions to remove Judge Gull from the case.

A hearing is currently scheduled for March 18th in Allen County. It’s at this upcoming hearing that Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland is expected to ask for additional charges against Richard Allen.

Allen is already charged with two counts of felony murder. Prosecutor McLeland wants to add on two counts of kidnapping and two counts of murder while kidnapping. It’s also expected that McLeland will present evidence he feels could convince Judge Gull to hold Baldwin and Rozzi in contempt of court for their previous statements and actions.

Allen’s legal team wants all charges dismissed based on lost evidence, mentioned in a previous motion.

It’s unclear how this speedy trial request is different from previously denied requests.