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Jim Banks at a congressional hearing

Source: (Photo by Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — Your congressman demands the president say the name of a nursing student, killed on a college campus, during this year’s State of the Union address.

In a letter released Monday, Republican Congressman Jim Banks says President Joe Biden’s negligence led to the death of Laken Riley, 22, at the University of Georgia. Jose Ibarra, an illegal immigrant, is accused of killing Riley.

Congressman Banks says President Biden owes it to Laken Riley and her family by saying her name during Thursday’s State of the Union Address. Banks also says the president should reinstate Trump administration-era policies addressing the southern border, which includes “Remain in Mexico”, Title 42, and continuing construction of the southern border.

A preview of Thursday’s speech shows President Biden plans to address issues like infrastructure, taxes, veteran affairs, Israel/Hamas, and Ukraine/Russia.

“Your failure to publicly acknowledge this tragedy is unacceptable,” said Banks in his letter to President Biden, “you can prevent further tragedies and ensure a safer future for all Americans.”

Republican Representative Mike Collins of Georgia has introduced the “Laken Riley Act”, which would require ICE to detain illegal immigrants who are charged with local theft or burglary.

Republicans say this would prevent someone like Ibarra from moving along freely to commit further violent crime.