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Every year, the average American household shells out $2,869 for real-estate property taxes. You can add an extra $448 if you live in one of the 26 states with vehicle property taxes. To figure out who pays the most in their state, WalletHub just dropped its 2024 Property Taxes by State report. They’ve compared home and vehicle taxes across the whole country.

When it comes to real-estate taxes, Iowa tops the list, while New Jersey leads in vehicle taxes. Hawaii enjoys the lowest real-estate taxes, a whopping 8.7 times less than those poor souls in New Jersey.

Property taxes

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States with Highest Real-Estate Taxes States with Highest Vehicle Property Taxes
42. Iowa T-42. New Hampshire
43. Nebraska T-42. Wyoming
44. Wisconsin 44. Kansas
45. Texas 45. Connecticut
46. New York 46. Massachusetts
47. Vermont 47. Maine
48. New Hampshire 48. Missouri
49. Connecticut 49. South Carolina
50. Illinois 50. Mississippi
51. New Jersey 51. Virginia

Where does Indiana’s property tax load rank?

Indiana comes in at number 21 on the list from lowest to highest.

The medium home value in Indiana is $183,600. The annual taxes on a home priced at the states median value are $1,415. For an Indiana home priced at $281,000, on average, taxes are $2,173.

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Oh, and did you know? Blue States have real-estate property taxes about 29.17 percent higher than Red States. On average, Blue States dish out $3,208 while Red States pay $2,483. So, if you’re planning to move, you might want to consider these tax factors.