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Tony Katz talked about the following news story he heard on WIBC:

Senate Bill 202 seeks to protect “intellectual diversity” at Indiana’s institutions of higher learning. While Democrats place “Diversity” as their top virtue, they are largely opposed to this bill protecting “intellectual diversity”.

Says Tony:

The opponents of this legislation, Senate Bill 202, they argue that the changes would harm students and faculty members, as reported by the Capitol Chronicle, and it would overly burden public institutions. With all due respect, I don’t give a damn if a public institution is overburdened. Overburdened with ensuring that people can speak freely and not be discriminated against? If that’s too much of a burden for IU, Purdue, or Ball State, tell them to close. I dare a Democrat in the General Assembly to tell me that these college are overburdened. Maybe they should hire less people for DEI, and more people to ensure that free speech can happen.

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