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Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch

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STATEWIDE — Your government needs to be more accountable and transparent, so says one candidate for governor.

Talking to reporters while filing for governor, Indiana’s current Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch says the Family and Social Services Administration’s plan to cut payments to parents who care for their severely disabled children needs to be stopped in its tracks.

“We had an Intellectual and Developmental Disability Task Force meeting yesterday and I chair that task force,” says Lt. Gov. Crouch, “we had numerous questions for FSSA, and they could not answer questions.”

Crouch, one of Indiana’s leading Republican candidates for governor, says that doesn’t give her a lot of confidence in the FSSA to come up with a competent plan that doesn’t hurt Hoosier families.

Currently, there’s a FSSA plan on the table to cut payments in order to make-up for the billion-dollar Medicaid shortfall.

Crouch says that’s unacceptable and that if something like that happened in the private sector, “heads would roll.”

“So, should heads roll at FSSA?” asked IndyPolitics.

“Until we can get an explanation on how this happened, I think they have a lot of explaining to do,” Crouch answers.

Lt. Gov. Crouch says if she’s elected governor, she would “modernize” state government by cutting down agencies from 100 to around 30 and complete a reassessment of each agency’s duties. While Crouch praised Governor Eric Holcomb’s accomplishments, she says there are questions about certain agencies ability to produce for the people of Indiana.

“Every dollar that comes to government has a name and a face attached to it. This is the people’s money, so we need to have the confidence that there is accountability and transparency,” says Crouch.