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crime scene with police tape

Source: (Photo: aijohn784/Thinkstock)

MUNCIE, IND — A person is dead, and another one is in bad shape because a woman, who cops say had warrants and a gun she was willing to use to kill them, refused to stop the vehicle she was driving when they wanted her to. Instead, Olivia L. Larue led Muncie cops on a chase.


Muncie Police have called on Indiana State Police to take over the investigation.


“This is another incident where if people just complied with police orders, we wouldn’t be looking at this situation,” said Sgt. Scott Keegan. “We are currently this incident. We have crash reconstruction that is going to be examining the vehicle, and we have detectives that are going to be talking to witnesses.”


The chase ended when Larue’s car collided with another vehicle, killing one of the people inside and sending another one to the hospital. Larue was arrested and taken to the hospital for surgery. A man inside of Larue’s car got away, and cops are still looking for him.


“Muncie Police are looking for him,” added Keegan. “I believe they have information about who he is and are currently looking for him.”