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An IndyGo bus.

Source: (Photo provided by IndyGo.)

INDIANAPOLIS – A bill to block a dedicated bus rapid-transit lane is heading to the full senate, despite residents in the Irvington neighborhood saying it would make their streets less safe.

The bill would block construction for the Blue line. Resident Nathan Height told WISH-TV walking to a local business is dangerous. “I really invite anybody who has hesitations about the Blue Line or rapid transit in general to come take a walk with me,” said Height.

Height says people speeding and not paying attention to traffic signs is a problem. He believes a dedicated lane for the Blue Line would make more drivers pay attention.

Republican State Senator Aaron Freeman introduced the bill. He believes the Blue Line should operate in a shared lane, rather than a dedicated one.

“The federal government is pushing this. They’re pushing grants through dedicated lanes, or fixed lanes,” he told WISH-TV. “I think we as a general assembly should push back on that. There’s plenty of opportunity for shared lanes.”

The Blue Line is the last of three planned IndyGo bus routes in Marion County. It would run from the airport to the town Cumberland, mostly following Washington Street.

The bill passed committee and how heads to the full senate. It would go to the house if approved.