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Bitter Cold Ahead

Source: X / (Formerly Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS –Indiana is in for some rough weather this weekend – we’re talking heavy rain, snow, strong winds, and freezing temperatures. The rain kicks in tonight, and temperatures will dip to the low 30s.


“If you have errands to run and you’re trying to avoid any wintry weather or strong winds, get out today because we are looking at temperatures in the 40s,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Alex McGinnis.”


Late Friday, the rain will stop, but winds will increase dramatically, and temperatures will drop, resulting in wind chills in the single digits.

“A wind event will happen on Friday, which will transition into some snow showers, especially if you’re north of I-70,” said McGinnis. “You have wind chills possibly getting below zero, maybe even as low as negative 20, especially in the northern counties into Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night,” he added.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be mostly cloudy, with highs around ten and above. Wind chill values as low as 20 below. On Monday night, lows around zero. Wind chill values as low as 15 below.