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A photo of the statehouse on a bright day

Source: (PHOTO: Abdul-Hakim Shabazz/WIBC)

STATEHOUSE — Democrats in the Indiana Statehouse are reacting to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s final State of the State address from Tuesday evening.

House Minority Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) says he’s “heartened” by some of the things Holcomb addressed in his speech such as wanting to expand access to early childhood care for Hoosiers.

“As always, the devil is in the details,” GiaQuinta said. “But it’s good the governor and House Democrats agree that a substantive conversation about childcare needs to happen.”

Still, many Democrats are blasting Holcomb for what he didn’t say. State Sen. Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) is troubled by Holcomb’s statement that there should not be a distinction between Indianapolis and the rest of the state.

“There’s going to be legislation this year that is going to undo ordinances that have been passed in Indianapolis,” Taylor said. “There’s going to be legislation that’s going to take a public policy decision of who should be certified as a minority, women, or veteran-owned business and put it in the hands of the state.”

Taylor and State Sen. Shelli Yoder (D-Monroe City) both called for Holcomb to get behind raising the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Yoder also said Holcomb should have included ways to make healthcare easier for women in Indiana.

“We have more and more of our maternity wards in hospitals closing. What are we doing for those mothers,” Yoder said as she added that a majority of Hoosiers want the state’s abortion ban lifted.

“It’s troubling the governor failed to mention that the state’s Medicaid program is underfunded by a whopping $1 billion,” GiaQuinta added. “This unacceptable budgeting error could devastate the one-third of Hoosiers who rely on Medicaid for vital medical care.”

GiaQuinta is also hoping the governor will get behind reforms for property taxes.