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Todd Young At Inauguration

Source: City of Carmel

CARMEL, Ind.–Sue Finkham was inaugurated as the new Carmel Mayor Thursday night at the Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel.

When Indiana Republican Senator Todd Young introduced Finkham, he was interrupted during his speech by a group of protesters. They were calling for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and supporting Palestinians.

Young was telling a story about broadcaster Sage Steele who attended Carmel High School and graduated from there in 1990 when the group interrupted him. At first, he was quiet, but then he pumped his fist toward the podium and yelled, “Carmel! Carmel! Carmel!” as the protests continued. Eventually the group was escorted out by police officers.

“Did I mention that Carmel has great police officers?” said Young as he was waving his arms upward to encourage applause.

Jewish Voice for Peace-Indiana and the Middle Eastern Students Association at IUPUI will gather at Monument Circle in Indianapolis for a rally for ceasefire in the Gaza Strip on Monday at 8 am. That group also wants an end to all US military help to Israel.

As for Sue Finkham’s tenure as mayor, she says crime prevention and public safety will be her top priority. Finkham also wants collaboration from the community to be a big part of what she does.

“We will create avenues for community engagement where diverse voices are heard and valued. We will have a city where every resident feels secure, informed, and contributes to our shared success,” said Finkham.

She also wants to optimize city services in ways that help save money and enhance quality of life for Carmel.

You can hear the full audio of the protesters interrupting Young below.