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Outside terminal at the Indy Airport

Source: PHOTO: Eric Berman/WIBC

STATEWIDE — Former South Bend Mayor and current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says you should expect more protections when you travel this year.

He and President Biden note that they have worked to “hold [airlines] accountable,” following the challenges people faced last year. You may remember that many airlines had to cancel or delay flights, due to issues with staffing, the weather, and more.

One airline that was often under public scrutiny was Southwest. But, Buttigieg Tweeted, “In 2022, we secured written agreements from U.S. carriers (including Southwest) for better customer service for stranded passengers.”

President Biden provided a similar update, writing, “My Administration challenged them to do better. And they did.”

So, if your flights are delayed or canceled this holiday season, airlines may help get you a new flight, a hotel room, food, or other accommodations.

Learn the status of your scheduled flights through FlightAware. If you run into any issues this year, you are encouraged to submit a complaint to the Department of Transportation.