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Lions sleeping

Source: Outback to Coast / Getty

INDIANAPOLIS — Following reports that lions had escaped zoos around the country – including the Indianapolis Zoo – organizations are calling out “fake news” and trying to set the records straight.

The Indy Zoo Tweeted Tuesday, “Who knew that April Fools’ Day came in December? Reports of lions escaping from our Zoo are not true… All of our animals are safe and sound.”

And, the Hoosier attraction is not the only one that has been involved in this online escape hoax. Similar claims regarding places like The Jackson Zoo and the Nashville Zoo have also been circulating online.

In reality, the viral image of lions on the loose actually came from a safari trail camera in Africa.

So, if you plan to see the lions anytime soon, know that they are in their enclosures and not freely roaming the streets of downtown Indianapolis.

Baby lion cub laying with its legs crossed looking at passers by.

Source: Phillip Van Zyl / Getty