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Soft on crime Democrats continue wreak havoc on society by their policies. Joe Rogan talked about how a large portion of the shoplifting is being committed by a few who are being just let out to commit crimes again. (above story).

Maybe you should lock those people up, and you would stop ALL of the shoplifting – Joe Rogan

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson blamed the Windy City’s ills on Republicans! A store owner in Los Angeles bemoans the crime in his city after his business was robbed:

“I voted for Karen Bass. I voted for [Joe] Biden. I voted for Gavin Newsom,” he said. “I’m sick of it. It’s like, at some point, you have to give me a reason to vote for you again” – Aaron Baggaley, store owner

Yet Democrats have a difficult time understanding the connection between how they vote, and the crime that is rampant in their communities.

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