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Guy Relford has expressed concern over the US vs Rahimi case since news, several weeks ago, that SCOTUS will be hearing it. As Guy has said, “bad facts, make bad law”. It is clear that Zackey Rahimi is one bad guy.

Rahimi is not somebody you want to have over for Thanksgiving dinner. This is a guy who had more than one domestic violence order of protection issued against him. The evidence has been that he assaulted a woman in a parking lot, that he was in relationship with… some passersby saw the whole thing, and Rahimi fired a gun at him.

But here’s the rub: Rahimi has not been convicted of a felony, which would deny him the right to carry. Domestic violence protection orders are civil proceedings, not criminal, where a defendant has the right to defend him or herself in front of a jury of their peers. Civil proceedings are judged by the preponderance of evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt. If Rahimi is denied his constitutional right without a felony conviction, what other civil orders can be issued to deny other defendants their constitutional rights?

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