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UPDATE: Indy Metro Police say they have arrested 31-year-old Dontriell Hood for Unlawful Carrying of a Handgun, Criminal Recklessness, and Resisting Law Enforcement.

Hood was still in the hospital when police provided this update.

INDIANAPOLIS — A man was shot by Indianapolis police Friday morning in what has become the Circle City’s 15th police shooting so far this year.

Around 11 o’clock Friday morning, IMPD officers were called to Caroline Avenue near the intersection of 38th and North Keystone Avenue. The 911 caller said someone was firing shots from inside their home.

When police arrived, they encountered the suspect outside. IMPD says officers positioned their cars and then took up position behind them.

“Once officers encountered the suspect, they continued giving verbal commands to lay flat on the ground and do not move,” said IMPD Deputy Chief Michael Wolley during a Friday press conference, “initially, the suspect complied with officer’s commands, and laid down with his weapon next to him.”

Deputy Chief Wolley says the suspect was told to stand up, but when he did, he turned away from police and moved quickly towards the weapon on the ground. That’s when one officer fired his gun, hitting the suspect.

The man was treated by police on scene and was eventually taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

“The suspect has been preliminarily charged with resisting law enforcement (level 6 felony), unlawful possession of a firearm (level 6 felony), and criminal recklessness (level 5 felony),” said Officer Wolley.

This is the 15th police shooting in Indianapolis so far this year. The frequency of the shootings has become a topic of criticism for IMPD as a whole, and for Chief Randal Taylor. Several Indianapolis religious groups have called for his resignation.

Chief Taylor says the department will use a consultant to examine each police shooting and figure out why they keep happening and if they’re entirely justified.

Deputy Chief Wolley addressed the ‘why’ part of that equation during Friday’s press conference:

“One is there are a lot of people with firearms. Two, there are a lot of people who have firearms, that shouldn’t have firearms, who are involved in these incidents. Lastly, there are several incidents where our officers are giving clear and concise verbal commands, and unfortunately, actions are occurring, and our officers are forced to react to those reactions.”

Police say the suspect’s family told detectives that he has a history of mental health issues.

No one else was hurt in the shooting, although a car and another home were hit by bullets believed to be fired by the suspect before police arrived.

Only one cop fired his gun, and that officer has been placed on administrative leave, per department policy.