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President Joe Biden and his administration have put out a new policy that requires employees to use preferred pronouns or face firing.

Roger Severino, former Health and Human Service official, challenged the new policy. He believes the policy violates employees’ rights, and forces people to speak falsehoods.

Severino posted on X (Twitter) that HHS “imposed a transgender pronoun mandate on its employees who will now be forced to deny biological realities with their own words or face firing.” He used the First Amendment to defend his stance on the new policy.

He said the amendment serves as protection to staff from being forced to do so. The policy requires many employees to reject their own faith for the sake of embracing the State’s ideology.

“These policies would require all of those things,” said Severino.

The pronoun policy is supported by White House executive orders. Its goal is to combat gender discrimination and protect gender identity rights.

“All employees should be addressed [by] the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves,” an HHS email read.

“All applicants and employees should be addressed by the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves. Using correct names and pronouns helps foster workplaces free of discrimination and harassment,” a statement by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management reads.

“This practice also creates an inclusive work environment where all applicants and employees are treated with dignity. The isolated and inadvertent use of an incorrect name or pronoun will generally not constitute unlawful harassment, but, as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has explained, continued intentional use of an incorrect name or pronoun (or both) could, in certain circumstances, contribute to an unlawful hostile work environment,” it continued.

Severino continued to assert that the new policy infringes people’s rights to free speech and religious beliefs and could lead to a hostile work environment.

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