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The Indianapolis run for mayor Clown Show took their act to Fox 59 on Thursday. Shreve doubles down on this anti-gun plank, highlighting that the only difference between him and Hogsett is that he would prioritize cracking down on 2nd Amendment rights faster than Joe. Of course, this has been a big problem for Jefferson, who has turned on his Republican base with his anti-gun stance. 

Ethan Hatcher celebrated when host Dan Spehler asked Mayor Hogsett where he was during the George Floyd riots in 2020. While happy that Spehler asked what we’ve all been wondering, Hatcher did not hold back his comments regarding Shreve’s inability to follow up on Hogsett’s MIA status. In summation, Shreve’s debate performance demonstrates his inability to lead Indianapolis.  

He (Shreve) lacks basic leadership capability. He doesn’t understand the 2nd Amendment, he doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment.  He doesn’t understand the powers granted to him as Mayor, or how the office functions… He doesn’t have the ability to call bull-crap when it’s set on a plate in front of him, so he doesn’t the qualifications to become Mayor. 

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