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Putnam County Bears

Source: Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind.–A person who owns two bears in Putnam County was injured by both bears near Clinton Falls on Tuesday.

“Deputies, Conservation Officers, City Police and other animal experts all showed up on scene to deal with the situation. It’s not like a stray dog. You can’t just send one Deputy out there with one of those animal catch poles. Fortunately da bears were still inside a fenced-in area. The first concern was the possibility that the bears could easily climb the fence and escape,” said the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in a Facebook post Tuesday.

Officers eventually got a tranquilizer gun and doses for the tranquilizer from a veterinarian. They say they didn’t need to use them because the bears returned home.

“Once the bears were back inside, Detective Biggs and Deputy Josh Boller ran up to the home and locked them in,” the post continued.

The bears are being cared for by another animal expert while the owner gets medical treatment.