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STATEWIDE — With many planning to be out and about this Halloween, you may want to take a few steps to ensure that you and your family members stay safe.

If you or your family will be trick-or-treating this October 31st, consider following some of the advice included in this article.

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For example, if this is the first year that your kids will be going without you, Captain Ron Galaviz – Chief Public Information Officer for ISP – urges you to plan their routes in advance and make sure you can call them.

Or, if you have teenagers who are still fairly new to driving, Galaviz recommends encouraging them to stay home, so they will not put themselves – or other youngsters – at risk.

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*Note: These safety recommendations are courtesy of various organizations and officials around the state.*

Safety Tips:

  1. Drive with extra caution, especially in neighborhoods.
  2. Accompany your kids as they trick-or-treat and stick to known neighborhoods and homes.
  3. Do not let kids (or teens) walk alone.
  4. Use flashlights, glow sticks, or reflective tape to help with visibility.
  5. Watch for traffic before crossing any street.
  6. Make sure older trick-or-treaters have planned routes and cell phones for the evening.
  7. Avoid costumes that are long enough to trip you, and steer clear of props that could hurt others.
  8. Consider applying face paint instead of wearing a mask.
  9. Dispose of any candy that is unwrapped.
  10. Only approach homes that have their porch lights turned on, or otherwise appear to be welcoming trick-or-treaters.
  11. Try to look away from electronic devices while walking.
  12. Keep all pets secured, especially if they scare easily.
  13. Never enter someone’s home for candy.
  14. Wear layers in case it is cold outside.
  15. Call police if you see anything suspicious.
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