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On Sunday and Friday evening, protestors gathered downtown at the Soldiers & Sailors Monument to protest the aid being sent to Israel.

Indianapolis is not the only city in the country having protests in favor of a cease-fire. Chicago, Brooklyn, and multiple college campuses across the country have had similar protests. “Free Palestine” being a common theme at every one of the gatherings.

Those chants of the protestors seem to be falling on deaf ears. President Joe Biden, put together a $105 billion request for funding. $14.3 of that billion would go towards aiding Israel.

Almost all of the money would go towards helping Israel defend itself and the transfer of weapons and ammunition to Israel from U.S. stockpiles. According to the White House, ammunition for the missile defense systems known as Iron Dome and David’s Sling, as well as Iron Beam, Israel’s ground-based laser air defense system, would be covered in the package. Congressional leaders have said the package will also include precision-guided munitions. Those are kits that turn regular bombs into precision weapons and artillery shells.

It makes sense that the president would look to help Israel. They are one of America’s strongest allies, and Hamas is holding Americans hostage. Two of the hostages were released near Chicago on Friday. There are still more hostages who need to be rescued.

The people protesting in favor of Hamas are supporting a terrorist organization that kidnaps innocent civilians, bombs hospitals, and the shedding of innocent blood.

There seems to be a misunderstanding in who Israel, America, and their allies are fighting against. The protestors do not understand that they are not fighting Palestine. They are fighting Hamas who wants nothing but to kill Jews and whoever else stands in their way.

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