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Protest in downtown Indy

Source: Ryan Hedrick / WIBC

INDIANAPOLIS — On Sunday evening, protestors gathered downtown at the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, chanting “Free Palestine.” This was the second demonstration in three days, with various groups, including Jewish Voices for Peace, participating. Approximately 300-400 people attended the event.


The demonstration attracted several Hoosiers who spoke to the crowd. Nick Selm manages Flanner Farms.


“Part of our work on the farm is growing fruits and vegetables, but also standing in solidarity with oppressed peoples anywhere,” he said. “It’s not just growing food here that our communities are lacking; it’s a myriad of issues, including gentrification, police brutality, and lack of access to housing and healthcare.”


On Sunday, the Israeli military expanded its operations by carrying out strikes in Syria, the West Bank, and Gaza. These actions have raised concerns that the conflict may escalate and spread throughout the Middle East. President Biden has warned Iran and other adversaries of Israel in the region, urging them to refrain from involvement in the ongoing war.


Mohammad Abu Fouad is a group leader who has accused Israel of committing daily war crimes against Palestinians. He firmly believes that the world must not ignore the voices of Gaza. He says he is pleased to see various organizations come together, including some not Palestinian, to volunteer their time and resources to support their cause.


“It’s empowering to see all of these organizations come together because it gives us a sense that humanity still exists out there,” he said.

Fouad is a member of The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), a global grassroots movement of young Palestinians affected by ongoing Zionist colonization and occupation in Palestine and abroad.