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Palestine Protest

Source: Donnie Burgess / Pro-Palestinian supporters gathered on Monument Circle

INDIANAPOLIS — Pro-Palestinian supporters and pro-Israel supporters gathered in downtown Indianapolis Thursday evening, and it was a night of tense frustration and nonstop chanting.

“We’re here to pretty much show our disgust in Israel and the US at this point,” said a pro-Palestine supporter in a conversation with WIBC News, “because the US is supporting Israel and providing them the bombs to kill innocent civilians.”

The event was called “Day of Resistance: Free Palestine”, and their group, numbered easily in the hundreds, gathered in front of the AES Indiana building on Monument Circle and began passionately chanting some powerful, and sometimes vulgar, statements towards the much smaller pro-Israel group on the steps of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

WIBC News spoke with one woman who was there in support of Israel, but as she put it, was also in support of anything that would stop the killing of innocent people, “the goal is always peace, right? So, as far as it being here in our city, it doesn’t make much sense to me as to why the Jewish community is being targeted here in the states. I just believe that Jesus is always the answer, and that every human life is important to the Lord.”

The pro-Palestinian supporter had a different response when asked about any possible solution to the bloody killing that has taken place since Hamas launched a surprise attack against Israel last Saturday, “to be honest, there’s no real solution in sight. Right now, we just need to make sure the US isn’t giving money to Israel to kill people and that Israel stops committing war crimes against the Palestinian people.”

Dozens and dozens of Indiana State Police troopers and Indianapolis Metro Police officers lined the streets. Law enforcement-maintained control of both groups and had plans of action just in case someone tried something malicious.

An IMPD officer tells WIBC News at least two people were arrested, and that officer believes it was at least one person on each side attempting to confront the other.

It’s unclear if anymore protests will take place in the coming weeks.