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As continued violence and crime grow in Indianapolis, leaders of the community are speaking out more and more.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter held a news conference Thursday afternoon to address how the criminal justice system in Marion County is simply not working.

The ISP Superintendent told the Hammer and Nigel Show the county’s system is failing and there is not one specific person to blame. He believes every department must be willing to change, tweak, or even scrap the system completely as crime spreads to surrounding counties.

“But what’s happening here (Indy) now, has perforated Indiana. If it (crime) hasn’t struck a county, the perception is they’re unsafe. That’s the reality. And if that’s the reality for people, we need to talk about it.”

Carter says speaking out has been the most important thing he’s done in his decades long career; “If I don’t try, I’ve failed.” He notes that the crime problem affects every single citizen in Indiana, and he will continue to meet with leaders to push for a better solution.

Most recently, Carter was very outspoken about his criticism of a Marion County Court Judge last month.

He says that ISP was criticized after the riots of 2020 and they welcomed that. They want to do better. Carter hopes other state and local departments are willing to do the same.