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syringe and vial of fentanyl in a sordid bathroom

Source: nito100 / Getty

BLOOMINGTON, IND –Garrett Hacker, who is currently behind bars for drug-related offenses, is now facing additional charges related to supplying a lethal dose of fentanyl to Andrew Estep. Estep was 24 when he suffered a fatal overdose in his Bloomington apartment in October 2020.


Law enforcement authorities have cited evidence from social media conversations between Hacker and Estep discussing the drug transaction and surveillance footage capturing Hacker leaving Estep’s residence as crucial elements in building their case against him.


Estep’s family says he battled addiction for an extended period and tried to overcome it before he relapsed and died. They also say fentanyl robbed of his future.


Hacker is serving time in prison after pleading guilty to drug charges in a separate case in Wayne County.