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IFD Firetruck

Source: IFD / Indianapolis Fire Department

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Fire Department retrieved a police drone that had been caught on top of a crane over the weekend.

The crane placed near the “Rise on Meridian” apartments on South Meridian Street was scaled by a firefighter who climbed up 130-feet to retrieve the drone caught just short of an additional 160 feet out on the crane’s arm.

Drone Caught in Crane

Source: IFD / Indianapolis Fire Department

The operation began around 11:30 a.m. after the generator that provided power to the crane was shut off. The drone was retrieved at 12:20 p.m. and finally both the machine and human arrived safely back on the ground at 1:26p.m.

In a Facebook post the IFD said that this event gave them the opportunity to “conduct some spur of the moment high angle ropes/crane training.” Stating that this sort of training requires constant maintenance to conduct.

The police drone was damaged but not beyond repair. Video of the retrieval can be found on the Indianapolis Fire Departments Facebook page. No humans needed to be saved during the operation.

IFD Rope Lowers Drone

Source: IFD / Indianapolis Fire Department